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Nothing about my life makes enough sense to put in a description. But Hello. My name is Alayna Rose Alonge. I'm still a teenager but not for long. So good luck figuring that one out. My blog makes no sense because I'm a very eclectic person. So, if you follow me, kudos.

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Who was that pretty laaady? 

Also: Climbing trees in corsets! Yaaay! 
Model: Me! Penny Underbust. 


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He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

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i am taught to scream “fire” when
a man grabs my wrists because i
have a bigger chance of getting
help than if i were to yell “rape”,
i am taught to keep my mouth shut
when a boy with bruised knuckles
whistles at me, i am taught long
sleeves in school, to hide my knee’s:
the threshold of my thighs, i am taught
short skirts and to wear cigarette burns
as punishments, i am taught to hold my
tongue in the palms of my brain, i am
taught to shut up, swallow my words,
chew my lipstick, speak when i am told,
i am taught to scream “fire” when a man
grabs my wrists, but he is never taught


Steve and Bucky

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anonymous asked: alex gaskarth or tyler joseph?

"don’t let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what you believe."

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they aint have to kill the dog in i am legend bruh

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